Child Custody Investigation Specialist


Investigation Services provided to assist with your Child Custody Case:

We have been helping parents and grandparents for over forty-five years to achieve their objectives in phoenix child custody investigation.  Unfortunately, it is not until a parent or grandparent seeks custody or visitation rights that they realize how difficult it is to navigate the legal system.  We work with attorneys and parental advocacy groups to make certain that the parent or grandparent achieves  the justice and attention that they seek.  Although no legitimate organization can make any type of guarantee, we do guarantee to follow very specific protocols that have been court tested for forty-five years in our phoenix investigations.  In addition, we are here for you.  We do not use an answering service or voice mail.  Instead, we answer our telephones 24/7.  If we are unavailable, you can be certain that we will return your telephone call the same day.

The most trying part of a child custody case is obtaining the necessary evidence sought by the court  to make an adjudication in your favor. We are able to recommend a myriad of protocols that will assist you and your attorney in getting the best outcome for your court custody case.  In addition to forensic interviewing, physical surveillance, background investigations, polygraph testing, and even computer/cell forensics, we can provide expert testimony based upon our education, training and experience.  As a licensed private investigation organization, we are able to provide the following evidence when it occurs:  LEAVING A MINOR CHILD UNSUPERVISED IN THE HOME OR VEHICLE, SMOKING INSIDE A VEHICLE WITH A MINOR CHILD, VISITATION INTERFERENCE, DRINKING AND DRIVING, DRUG ABUSE, CHILDREN IN VEHICLE WITHOUT SEAT BELTS, CHILD ABUSE, PARENT LEAVING A CHILD WITH CAREGIVERS WHILE PARTYING ON A FREQUENT BASIS, SPEEDING AND RECKLESS DRIVING OR DRIVING WITHOUT INSURANCE, REPUTATION OF SIGNIFICANT OTHERS, CRIMINAL HISTORY AND DRIVING RECORDS OF CAREGIVERS AND FRIENDS WHO DRIVE WITH THE CHILDREN

We recommend that you review our investigation credentials in the biographical tab above.  In addition to Jack Fritz, Ph.D., a full member of the American Psychological Association, who has over forty five years of experience in private investigations, law enforcement, and counterintelligence ; another member of our team is David Fruchtman, Ph.D., who is a forensic polygraph examiner with a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.  We have testified as "experts" in state and federal courts.

Please feel free to contact us for a no-charge investigation consultation at our office.  We will take the time to answer all of your questions concerning phoenix child custody investigations, and will describe the manner in which we would approach your custody investigation.  We do offer consultation with your attorney if that is requested.