Jack M. Fritz, Ph.D., has a doctorate degree in criminology / human services, a master of science degree in emotional disturbance and an undergraduate degree in psychology.  He has been appointed by civil, domestic and criminal courts to administer forensic polygraph examinations, neuropsychological assessments and evaluations, and comprehensive background investigations.  He has been court appointed to perform comprehensive sentencing mitigation reports for defendants in state and federal courts.  The preparation of sentence mitigation reports gives us the knowledge of court procedures and what is needed to get the best outcome for our client.

Dr. Fritz has an extensive background in child custody investigations and has been consulting attorney's and clients for over forty-five years. Dr. Fritz  is a full member of the American Psychological Association and the International Association of Correctional and Forensic Psychologists.


      Child Custody Investigation Specialist

Jack M. Fritz, Ph.D., has been involved in the criminal justice system for over forty years.  He is a former member of the Chicago Police Department, Special Operations Group, and a former US Counterintelligence Special Agent.  In his law enforcement capacity, he has performed complex criminal and counterintelligence investigations.  He is a former adjunct professor at Ottawa University where he taught advanced courses in abnormal psychology, psychological test and measurements and criminal justice.  In addition, Dr. Fritz has been administering forensic neurophysiological (Polygraph) examinations for over thirty years, which has resulted in the exoneration of innocent defendants in cases involving child molestation, rape, homicide, burglary and other types of crimes. Dr. Fritz is a full member of American Psychological Association.

Jack M. Fritz, Ph.D.

Executive Director